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Reed Care and Selection

All reed players need a minimum of 3 good reeds at all times. As soon as one gets old or chips…trash it and replace it! Reeds should be stored in a reed case and rotated on a daily basis.

  1. Color of reed should be creamy yellow (no greenish hue)
  2. When held to light: Grains should be close together and most should meet tip
  3. Middle area of reed should be darker and form a distinct U shape
  4. U cut at bottom of reed should be even
  5. Looking at heel (thick bottom part of reed), each side (rail) should be the same height
  6. No nicks in the reed (sides or tip)
  7. Even tip and no warps

Single Reeds

All single reed players should be using Vandoren Reeds from the blue box at an appropriate strength for your playing needs.

If you have another brand of reed you would like to use, please check with your private lesson instructor or band director first.

Clarinet and Alto Saxophone players should be on a minimum strength of 3.

Low reed players’ minimum strengths will vary from 2.5 to 3.

Double Reeds

Please consult your private instructor.