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Important Forms

This section of the website includes various forms that families should have, including: Absence form, band participation form, a donate form, an interest form, music, and a rehearsal checklist.

Absence Form

Marching Band Interest Form

Rehearsal Checklist

Band Handbook 24-25

Band Participation Checklist

Every marching band participant must complete each of these steps, whether you are new or a returning member!

*** Please consider contributing in Tax Credit for the band!

Originally, band camp was going to have a required $100 fee. We elected to remove this fee and instead ask that each family contribute at least $50 in Tax Credit for the band. This is not required, however this Tax Credit goes to pay our coaches, who will go unpaid without it! It is essential that we treat our coaches well and encourage them to come back and give our students the best chance at success as possible! The neat thing about Tax Credit is that it is MUCH better than a $50 band camp fee because you get money back! Tax Credit, as the name implies, can be returned to you in January, while simultaneously helping the Marching Band! How awesome is that????

Step 1: Registration

  • Head to
  • Create a profile for your student.
  • Complete the remaining portion of the profile, such as health information.
  • Select Agua Fria High School and Marching Band.
  • Complete each waiver.
  • Upload your current sports physical, consent to treat, birth certificate, and MTBI paperwork.
  • Mr. G’s Suggestion: Contact the athletics department to see if there are any discounted physical examinations coming up!
  • Click here for step-by-step instructions with pictures on the Register My Athlete process.

Step 2: Rehearsal Prep

  • View the Rehearsal Checklist prior to rehearsals and camps.
  • The Rehearsal Checklist will be in a drop down link under the “Band Participation” tab.
  • Contact the Band Director with any questions you have!


In order to give a Tax Credit contribution, the following steps must be completed. Please read all steps carefully!

Want to contribute but you aren’t sure how much you can afford? You can contribute Tax Credit forms throughout the school year! Instead of giving a large lump sum, consider giving smaller amounts each month! Every bit counts AND you get it back off your taxes!

Step One:

Download the Tax Credit form, linked at the bottom of this page.

Step Two:

Complete the tax credit form.

Step Three:

Return the tax credit form to the AFHS Bookstore.

Have any questions? Please contact Mr. Garcia!